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Ulixes Picture is a collective of Photographers oriented to an Editorial full service work and to a great overture to young, emerging and talented photographers. Ulixes Picture offers Photographyc reportages, video, graphic design and journalistic articles thanks to his collaboration with professional members. Ulixes Team, from photo-reporter to journalists are available for projects all around the world.
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ChianteraGiuseppe Chiantera

Giuseppe Chiantera (1978) is Ulixes President. He is a freelance photographer and United Nations Correspondents’ Association for Vienna. He has worked with major Italian and foreign newspapers and magazines and agencies, as well as a number of humanitarian organizations and NGOs. Giuseppe was born in Rome, where he currently lives and works. He gained his experience at a number of photo workshops and obtained a Master in Photojournalism at the Istituto Superiore di Fotografia e Comunicazione Integrata of Rome. His main focus is on social work, with particular attention to the city of Rome, as well as Western and Eastern Europe. In addition to his freelance work, he also teaches photography as a means of passing on the benefit of his experience to others.


Giuseppe Chiantera’s projects on Ulixes: The Iron Scar | Wannabe Soldier | Ask the Dust | Tabaski | Widows Inheritance
| Srebrenica | El Cohete | Boxing L’Havana | In the name of Sita | La Parranda | Ius Soli |


Giuseppe Chiantera Website
Mobile: +39 339 6170346


io x ulixes

Fabio Itri

Fabio Itri is a documentary photographer based in Calabria, Italy. After graduating in philosophy he specialized in advertising and in 2009 started photographing. In 2013 he attended a specialization course in reportage photography at the Istituto Superiore di Fotografia in Rome. He collaborates with several media and magazines. His images and his works have been published on Le Monde, Der Spiegel, Stern, Internazionale, pagina99, LensCulture.com, The Best of LensCulture vol.1, Maps-Magazine, a report of Amnesty International, The Fifa Weekly, Left, il Manifesto, Grazia, Il Fotografo, Corriere.it, Frontierenews.it, Rainews.it. His personal works have been awarded at several contests and festivals such as LensCulture Emerging Talent Award, Leica Photographers Award, International Photography Award, FotoLeggendo, Portfolio Italia.


Fabio Itri’s projects on Ulixes: Scomparsi/Their bodies will never be found | RC1214


Fabio Itri Website
Mobile: +39 349 2259774

Daniele Lira

Daniele Lira

A native of the Trentino region, mountain guide and photographer Daniele Lira supervises projects related to the area. He was in charge of the “Lagorai: natura in libertà”, a programme that combined the environment with poetry and photography, from 1998 to 2004. In 2003 he published “Perché il silenzio non ha parole – Malghesi e pastori del Lagorai“, a photographic exploration with texts written by Mario Rigoni Stern, Alda Merini, Giovanni Raboni, Mario Luzi and Franco Loi. He designed the “Lagorai Immaginato” project in 2004 along with Nino Migliori and Paolo Crepet. In 2005, his research project “La ferrovia della Valsugana – Interpretazioni fotografiche”. Lira has been the art director of the “Trentino Immagini” festival since 2007. He published “Baldus – Il Monte Baldo, lo spirito e la terra” for Marsilio Publishing in 2008. His work was exhibited at the 2010 edition of Fotografia Europea in Reggio Emilia. Lira published “Moon Landing” that same year for Montura Editing along with Francesco Zizola and Giovanni Cocco. He also created the “Fototrekking obiettivo Trentino” project and is staff photographer for the “I Suoni delle Dolomiti” festival. He also published “Fango” in 2011 for Montura Editing. His work has been on exhibit in a variety of cities in Italy and abroad. He has participated in collective exhibits for Synap (see) since 2012.


Daniele Lira’s projects on Ulixes: Universiadi | Vajont, 50 years later | Malta, knights Templar island | After the finish line | The secret of nature |


Mobile: +39 340 6123349

bio graziano panfili

Graziano Panfili


After his studies in Communications and Arts, he broadened his knowledge on reportage at the Permanent School of Photography Graffiti in Rome. In 2008, he was awarded with the first prize at Pilsner Urquell International Photography Awards (section Editorial-Others, n.p) and the Gold Award reportage at the festival Orvieto Fotografia which also named him the Photographer of the Year. He is a testimonial for digital photo cameras of Ricoh and holds seminars and workshops throughout Italy. His photos have been published in newspapers, periodicals, books and CD covers. Publications: Io Donna, L’Espresso, DCasa, Le Monde, Internazionale, La Repubblica, Riders, Diario, Wired, Global Post, National Public Radio.


Graziano Panfili’s projects on Ulixes: Alienation | Burlesque | Italian Landscape | The Italian Trans Siberian | ISLAM places in Rome | Villa Adriana | Happy Days |


Graziano Panfili Website
Mobile: +39 338 2529859



Gianmarco Panucci

Born in Rome in 1982, in 2006 he graduated in “Photography and visual arts” at the Istituto Europeo di Design of Rome and started working as a free lance photographer, focusing his work on social and cultural issues, with particular attention on human matters. After few personal projects in South America, he shifted his interest to South Africa where he went in 2012 to look into expressions of marginalization and violence as consequences of the Apartheid regime. Right from this experience, the project Borderland was born, awarded at Fotoleggendo 2012, Second Prize. It was also in the shortlist of Portfolio Italia and in the ViewBookPhotoStory, 2012. Gianmarco Panucci’s pictures have been published in magazines and website such as: IoDonna, La Repubblica, Private magazine, Vice, CNNphotoblog, Hindex.hu. Currently he lives between Rome and Cape Town, Africa, to extend his research on social issues of national importance, result of the cultural and ethnic variety that characterizes South Africa.


Gianmarco Panucci’s projects on Ulixes: Borderland | One More Day | Women’s Rugby FRC | Quidditch World Cup


Gianmarco Panucci Website
Mobile: +39 329 7340791


marco zorzanello

Marco Zorzanello

Marco Zorzanello (1979) was born in Vicenza and acttualy is based in Venice. He graduated from the Faculty of Humanities of the University Ca’ Foscari of Venice, specializing at John Kaverdash Institute of Milan in reportage photography. He can claim publications with some of the main worldwide magazine as Time Magazine, GEO Magazine, Internazionale, Sunday Times Magazine, Le Monde, Mary Claire and other Italian and international magazines. Some of his photos have been shortlisted in different awards and festival, as Kolga Festival in Georgia, the International Contest of Photography of the Alliance Française Madrid and EFTI 2017, the Photography Magazine & Grant 2017 and the Italian Ponchielli award 2017. In 2018 he won the Yves Rocher Foundtion Photography Award 2018.


Marco Zorzanello’s projects on Ulixes: Project | Project 2

Marco Zorzanello Webiste
Mobile: +39 348 5439903