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Ulixes Picture is a collective of Photographers oriented to an Editorial full service work and to a great overture to young, emerging and talented photographers. Ulixes Picture offers Photographyc reportages, video, graphic design and journalistic articles thanks to his collaboration with professional members. Ulixes Team, from photo-reporter to journalists are available for projects all around the world.
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UlixesPicture’s Mentorship Program is a unique initiative for emerging photographers to achieve and develop professional skills working close to Ulixes’ Photographers. For over a year, selected emerging talents will cooperate with Ulixes’ senior members towards a higher professional level.


Ulixes Photographic Mentorship Program aim is to support young photographers from a technical and professional point of view as well as for a marketing one. Being part of Ulixes Mentorship Program also means developing a own personal style, growing into the industry looking for the possibility to get published and approach the market with the right focus.


Il programma Mentorship del collettivo Ulixes Picture è un metodo di formazione didattico-professionale che si sviluppa tramite un servizio di tutoraggio mirato all’accrescimento, sviluppo e potenziamento delle capacità dei partecipanti in ambito fotografico e fotogiornalistico.


Il programma di Mentorship, offerto in forma gratuita ai partecipanti è la diretta espressione da parte dell’organizzazione, di voler credere ed investire nel confronto con talenti emergenti, ed è quindi da intendersi, più in generale, come un’iniziativa di tipo culturale atta alla discussione e al dibattito nell’ambito della fotografia contemporanea, oltre che alla finalizzazione, ove possibile e lungo la durata del programma, del progetto presentato dal partecipante.

Per le stesse ragioni, Ulixes Picture, ha consolidato in questi anni una collaborazione con Officine Fotografiche di Roma, riservando in maniera esclusiva due candidature, agli allievi provenienti dal Master di fotogiornalismo contemporaneo a cura di Emiliano Mancuso

Il programma Mentorship è curato da Pietro Vertamy, fotografo, direttore d’agenzia e curatore di progetti speciali per il collettivo Ulixes Picture.



The selected Photographers for Ulixes Mentorship Program 2016 – 2017 are:


Gabriele Fanelli

Gabriele Fanelli (1986) has a degree in Philosophy. In 2014, at the LUZ Agency (Milan), he attended the Luz Academy, annual course in documentary photography. He has worked on stage photography. He has participated in several workshops and seminars, the most important with Paolo Verzone, Francesco Zizola, Antonio Manta. His photos have been published by Modern Farmer (USA), La Gazzetta dello Sport, Erodoto108, Rivista Undici.


Check here Gabriele Fanelli’s work > No fear, Fiffa inda street
Gabriele Fanelli Website | info@gabrielefanelli.com


Flaviana Frascogna

Flaviana Frascogna is a freelance photographer based in Naples. She studed Sociology and worked for tree years at University Federico II as Visiting Lecturer in Cultural Anthropology and Ethnophotography. Now she teaches photography and collaborates with some photojournalism and communication agency. She divides her time between commercial works for client commissions and self-initiated projects. In these last years she shooting shows, corporate events, reportages, interiors and life style. She had commisioned work for Idealista, Shever, Fun Fun, Baronio and she published on magazine as L’Espresso, Courrier Internacional, D-La Repubblica, Donna Moderna, Epic Stories, Qui Touring, Artwort and Maps Magazine. She is available for both editorial and commercial commissions worldwide.


Flaviana Frascogna’s work > Route1 | Flaviana Frascogna Website | flavianafrascogna@gmail.com


Marzia Trovato

Born in Ragusa, Sicily, in 1986. . She has always been a self taught photographer with a passion for analog photography. She gratuated in political science and specialized in Science of development and international cooperation. After a brief period as immigration caseworker at London’s Parliament and two years of Phd at Sapienza University of Rome, she decided to move to Lampedusa starting collaborate with many associations engaged in research and monitoring in the ‘field’ of immigration. Since 2012 she joined the Collective Askavusa of Lampedusa with which curates a cultural festival ‘LampedusaInFestival’ and an exhibition space ‘Porto M’. In 2015 won the ‘Young Talent’ prize of Ragusa Photo Festival and later that year she attended the master’s degree in Contemporary Photojournalism curated by Emiliano Mancuso at Officine Fotografiche in Rome. In August of 2016 was selected for the workshop with Paolo Woods at the international Summer School of Photography in Kuldiga (ISSP, Latvia). She currently lives and works in Milan.


Marzia Trovato > Pane Amaro | marziatrov@yahoo.it


Gianluca Abblasio

He graduated in Computer Science at the University of Rome, where he currently lives and works as a web developer. Began taking an interest in photography at Officine Fotografiche Roma where he consolidated over the years his training in documentary photography. He followed the master of the contemporary photojournalism held by Emiliano Mancuso and the master in documentary photography held by Lina Pallotta. The studies and the confrontation with Italian and foreign photographers and photo editors, have allowed him to understand what was really interested in telling stories and to mature his own idea of photography. The representation of contemporary society, its changes,the recognizable patterns in these. The nearby stories more than distant stories. The long-term project. He has exhibited several times in Italian and foreign festivals, including Fotoleggendo in Rome and Les Boutographies in Montpellier.
Gianluca Abblasio | gianluca.abblasio@gmail.com


Fabio Itri
Matteo Vieille
Michele de Punzio