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Women’s Rugby FRC


If we see the official statistic of the Italian Rugby Federation there’s no doubt: in Italy Rugby grows and increase very fast.
In 2014 the people who were registered was 104.000, adding other alternative to the federal network spreading on the entire peninsula.


In particular Rugby seems to attract the fairer sex. Are everyday more the girls and the women that decide to choose it as sport in a transversal manner for what concerne age and geographic ditribution, overcoming the 11.000 attendance.


According to Federrugby.it in 2016/2017, are 3.177 the girls registered between 6 and 12 years old ( in this category the game is still with mix squads ). 1.249 athletes under 14, the category where the male–female division starts. 1.001 the players under 16, 2.438 the Seniores category, 110 the official and registered teams.


Rome province is the one to count the superior number of Rugby players in Italy with 10.000 people. In Frascati the Frascati Rugby Club (FRC) represent an exellence of the Women’s Italian Rugby with the presence of atlete of national interest like Annamaria Gizzi, Arianna Corbucci e Giordana Duca.


Hard training, championship and away game. From the locker room to the pitch rugby consolidates friendship and teach the team play and the respect for the opponent. It combines strategy and tactics with physical training.
A violent discipline only on the appearence, because it can give moments and actions of great elegance. That rugby is a honest and “clean” sport is well known, but it requires dirtying and the FRC girls doesn’t hold some back.


Gianmarco Panucci

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Italy, 2018.