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Ulixes Picture is a collective of Photographers oriented to an Editorial full service work and to a great overture to young, emerging and talented photographers. Ulixes Picture offers Photographyc reportages, video, graphic design and journalistic articles thanks to his collaboration with professional members. Ulixes Team, from photo-reporter to journalists are available for projects all around the world.
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Ius Soli


G2, or Generation Two, are young people from foreign origin born and/or raised in Italy.
They are an important and increasing number in the Italian society.


Although they are active participants in the social, political and cultural daily life in Italy, they do not necessarily have the Italian citizenship as the actual law is based on the “Jus Sanguinis” principle according to which the parents transmit their citizenship to their children.


On October 13, 2013 the parliament opted for a reform which states the “Jus Solis Temperato” which gives the Italian Citizenship to foreign children born in Italy from at least one of the parents holding a long term Permit to Stay for the European countries.


Giuseppe Chiantera

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