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Ulixes Picture is a collective of Photographers oriented to an Editorial full service work and to a great overture to young, emerging and talented photographers. Ulixes Picture offers Photographyc reportages, video, graphic design and journalistic articles thanks to his collaboration with professional members. Ulixes Team, from photo-reporter to journalists are available for projects all around the world.
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Ulixes Picture – Photoresearch & Documentation is a new collective of Photographers whose aim is to inform and to provide editorial and photographic services focusing on contemporary and relevant issues in the world


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Ulixes’collective purpose is to investigate and document reality, using both the classic photographic approach and the new multimedia one.

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UlixesPicture provides newspaper articles, investigative reports and reportages ready to be published as a complete Editorial Service

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Reportage Editorial

From Social issues to Environmental surveys, from daily reports to cultural researches, UlixesPicture provides the best stories on contemporary issues.

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Ulixes Picture Photographers’ works have been published on the most well known magazines in Italy and abroad and the collective members have already been awarded with various International prizes.


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UlixesPicture’s Mentor Program is a unique initiative for emerging photographers to achieve and develop professional skills working close to Ulixes’ members for over a year.


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